• Den blonde kjempe 

      Nakken, Karl Otto; Svendsen, Torleiv; Hem, Erlend (Journal article; Others, 2022)
      Hvem var modell for kirurgen og romanhelten Jonas Fjeld? Det kan ha vært doktor Tandberg på Lillehammer.
    • Increased rate of acute caesarean sections in women with epilepsy: results from the Oppland Perinatal Database in Norway 

      Farmen, Anette Huuse; Grundt, Jacob Holter; Nakling, Ole Jakob; Mowinckel, Petter; Nakken, Karl Otto; Lossius, Morten (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2018)
      BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Studies in women with epilepsy (WWE) regarding pregnancy and labour complications have disclosed contradictory results. Our purpose was to investigate whether WWE have a higher risk of acute ...
    • Sexual function in people with epilepsy: Similarities and differences with the general population 

      Henning, Oliver Johannes; Landmark, Cecilie Johannessen; Træen, Bente; Svendsen, Torleiv; Farmen, Anette Huuse; Nakken, Karl Otto; Lossius, Morten (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      OBJECTIVE: The potential impact of epilepsy on sexual function is important for patient welfare, but often neglected. This study explored the occurrences of different sexual problems in patients with both well-controlled ...