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Sykehuset Innlandet HF [282]
  • Occurrence, chronicity and intensity of itch in a clinical consecutive sample of patients with skin diseases: A multi-centre study in 13 european countries 

    Schut, Christina; Dalgard, Florence; Halvorsen, Jon Anders; Gieler, Uwe; Lien, Lars; Aragones, Lucia Tomas; Poot, Francoise; Jemec, Gregor B.E.; Misery, Laurent; Kemény, Lajos; Sampogna, Francesca; van Middendorp, Henriët; Balieva, Flora Nicol; Linder, Dennis; Szepietöwski, Jacek C.; Lvov, Andrey; Marrón, Servando E.; Altunay, Ilknur K.; Finlay, Andrew Y.; Salek, Sam; Kupfer, Jörg (Report; Journal article, 2018)
    Itch is an unpleasant symptom, affecting many dermatological patients. Studies investigating the occurrence and intensity of itch in dermatological patients often focus on a single skin disease and omit a control group ...
  • Factors influencing doctors' counselling on patients' lifestyle habits: a cohort study 

    Belfrage, Anna; Grotmol, Kjersti Støen; Tyssen, Reidar; Moum, Torbjørn Åge; Finset, Arnstein; Isaksson Rø, Karin; Lien, Lars (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2018)
    Background Lifestyle changes are important for prevention and treatment of many common diseases, and doctors have an important role in the lifestyle counselling of patients. It is important to know more about factors ...
  • Screening for frailty among older patients with cancer using blood biomarkers of inflammation 

    Harneshaug, Magnus; Kirkhus, Lene; Saltyte Benth, Jurate; Grønberg, Bjørn Henning; Bergh, Sverre; Whist, Jon Elling; Rostoft, Siri; Jordhøy, Marit Slaaen (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2018)
    Introduction: As frailty is associated with inflammation, biomarkers of inflammation may represent objective measures that could facilitate the identification of frailty. Glasgow prognostic score (GPS), combines C-reactive ...
  • Health-related quality of life in older depressed psychogeriatric patients: one year follow-up 

    Helvik, Anne-Sofie; Corazzini, Kirsten; Selbæk, Geir; Björklöf, Guro Hanevold; Laks, Jerson; Saltyte Benth, Jurate; Østbye, Truls; Engedal, Knut (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2016)
    Background: Knowledge about long-term change in health related quality of life (HQoL) among older adults after hospitalization for treatment of depression has clinical relevance. The aim was firstly to describe the change ...
  • Severity of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Nursing Home Residents 

    Helvik, Anne-Sofie; Engedal, Knut; Wu, Bei; Saltyte Benth, Jurate; Corazzini, Kirsten; Røen, Irene Mari; Selbæk, Geir (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2016)
    We aimed at assessing time shift in the severity of neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) in nursing home residents between 2004/2005 and 2010/2011 and associations between NPS and socio-demographic variables, physical health ...

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